Apostille on Ukrainian Documents or Translations

What is an Apostille?

If you have a document issued in Ukraine which your are planning to use in Ireland for birth or marriage registration, or an Irish document to be submitted to authorities in Ukraine it needs to be legalized with an Apostille stamp. Apostille legalization is a special type of document certification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so your Irish document is equally valid abroad.

Apostille on Ukrainian documents.

This highest level of certification may be demanded by any country under the Hague Convention for a range of legal and other documents. A document issued in Ukraine for use in Ireland must be Apostilled before it is considered valid by several authorities.

We offer a fast and effective Ukrainian Apostille service so you can receive your legalized documents without the necessity of flying to Ukraine and spending hours in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We can get your Ukrainian documents apostilled and post it back to your home address by regular or registered post within 1,5 weeks.

Apostille on Irish documents.

To order Apostille service for Ukraine please call us at 085 140 70 50 or email at irina@ales.ie

Original documents issued in Ireland are legalized with an Apostille without additional notary certification, however, for obtaining a copy or a certified translation with Apostille a certification by a notary public is required.

The price for the Apostille stamp on an Irish document in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is 40 euro, our services include the courier fee which is EUR 20, and fees for the regular or registered post.

Please visit our Website www.apostille.ie to learn more about Apostille services.

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